death of the outsider

Bethesda Softworks company has published a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming stealth action Dishonored: Death of the Outsider. Which, in turn, is a plot expansion for the original Dishonored 2 game. Almost a minute and a half of pure violence accompanied by the Marilyn Manson's song "We're Killing Strangers" - what can be more epic?

In Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, you have to play as Billy Lerk, one of the most formidable assassins in Dunwoll. Having reunited with the former mentor, the legendary murderer Daoud, you dare on the greatest murder in history. Your goal is the Outsider, God-Like Creature, who is stand behind the most repulsive episodes in the history of the Empire. Exploring the dark corners of Karnak, you will reveal the secret of the Outsider's origin, encounter dangerous enemies and make decisions that will change the world forever.

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