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psn gift cards for free
playstation codes for free

Yes, and you can use it as well! All you need to do is just to click on the “Get Your Code Now”, following the instructions you can find down below, and get your unlimited free PSN codes in a matter of seconds. No credit card required.

We had been toying with the idea of the solid PSN code generator for a while. We were looking after some really promising examples of such tools. Some of them were actually good but were killed because of lack of money. Some were nothing but scams to promote really crappy products. We have tried our best to build the strategy that pays, found our connections through the Sony community. And here we are, introducing you the real tool to share thousands of PSN codes, for free!

Why Do I Need This Tool to Get the Codes?

First of all, it needs to mention that we’re not into piracy, neither we want to engage others into it. But this tool is still made as a PSN code generator to get unlimited free cards, right? Right, but for other purposes.

You see, we don’t appreciate those poor marketing campaigns most of the games have. There are dozens of decent ones, but sometimes even the AAA-exclusive title appears to be 5-hours long generic survival. And getting the refund from PS Store usually takes up to 2 weeks, at its best!

So that’s our agenda, to let the fellow gamers to be able trying that $60 title out before buying it. And of course, we don't force anyone to buy games then for real cash - it’s always up to you how to handle your free PSN codes!

And the second issue we want to resolve is PlayStation Network’s coverage. If you’re watching this website for this very reason, you know well that there are many countries where you can’t create the Online ID from, as well as to pay with the local currency by credit card. So now you can create the US-based account and use the codes from this PlayStation Code Generator, free of charge!

free psn code generator

Getting strictly to the point, here is what you ought to do in order to get free PS Plus codes right away:

  1. Click on the “Get Your Code Now” button above;
  2. Now you see a pop-up window - choose the type of PlayStation Network Card you need;
  3. Enter your unique PSN Online ID to pass the security verification;
  4. Here your code is starting to generate, all you’ve left to do is to solve the captcha;
  5. From the PSN application, go to “Redeem Codes” and paste the one you’ve just got;
  6. Buy that game you wanted;
  7. Go back to item 1 and repeat as much as you want!

Going further, we’re adding the answer on the most frequently asked question about the tool. The question is, why does it need to know my Online ID in order to proceed with free PSN codes? And indeed, it wasn’t here from the very start.

Once we’ve launched this website and built the core user base, some of them started to abuse the system, using bots to generate several new PSN cards per second. It had been causing the website’s shut down for a while, and that’s why we’ve added the PSN username submission, as well as the captcha verification.

Please note that have no access to your account’s data like name or payment details through your PSN username. It’s just for the security sake and nothing but it. You’re free to enter the fake username if still unsure.

free psn codes

Frequently Asked Questions

Is that legal at all?

A: Yes, that is. You see, we don’t try to mislead you so you might think that there is only you who profits from it. For game developers, it’s also important to lead the audience to grow. That’s why most of them participating in giveaways, making huge one-day offs etc.

Why does this tool give unlimited PSN codes for free?

A: Of course, it won’t be free permanently! We’ve got really great plans about the tool, as well as about how it can attract advertisers. Once it’s has got its exposure, we’re up to put some space for promotions here and there. With thinking of the convenience of our users at the first place, make no doubt of that.

What if I haven’t gotten the codes from the tool?

A: The very hard part about our tool that it can’t cope with the huge amounts of requests simultaneously. When it happens so, you may be experiencing the blank output or web page freeze. Just don’t freak out, reload the page, and try to submit again in a little while.

How can I help the community to extend?

A: It’s pretty simple, just leave a review about us. You can do so from this very website, or shout us out on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Check Out What Our Users Say About Our Generator

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WOW. Already got eleven codes. All for free, all accepted with no problems. I totally recommend this tool!
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Tried the first free PSN code, everything went so smoothly, now nothing will stop me from playing. THANKS GUYS.
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Great generator, no spending money - a lot of codes, no spending money - a lot of games. Very appreciated.

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