psn update

The beta test of the new system update 5.00 for PS4, code-named NOBUNAGA has started. If you applied to participate in it (in other matters, it's interesting not only to those who applied), then that's what you'll see in the new firmware when you test it.

Families in the PlayStation Network

The existing system of primary / secondary accounts is changing and now it will provide the best conditions for family use of the PlayStation Network. The updated system will offer a more flexible experience of using, so setting up PSN accounts for children and setting parental control parameters for each family member is much easier and more convenient. Here are the main parameters of this function, which will appear in update 5.00:

Family access, parents, trustees and children's accounts

Now every family in the PSN will appoint any adult member of the family to be a parent or guardian. And each parent or guardian can adjust the levels of parental control for each child's account, for example, restrict access to the network or products with certain age ratings.

Individual Parental Control

Prior to 5.00 update, the parental control settings were applied to all users of the system, even an adult. The update will allow you to configure individual parameters (including age ratings of games) for each child's account.

Friend list management

In Update 5.00, instead of the "Favorite Groups" tab, a new tab called "Special Lists" will be displayed in the "Friends" screen. This tab allows you to create and edit custom friends lists and group them into groups. You will be able to create lists of friends with whom you play the same games or most often communicate in the network.

psn friend list update

Updated translation functions


If you have a community on the PS4, now you can link it to your broadcasts. When the show is linked to the community, the "Live with PlayStation" viewers will display a community button that allows each viewer to go to the community page to learn more or join.

PlayStation VR

In update 5.00, a new parameter was added for the PlayStation VR: "Showing viewer messages". This function shows the viewers' comments during the broadcast not only in the movie mode, but also in the VR mode, so you can read the comments and interact with the audience using the PS VR.

PlayStation 4 Pro

Thanks to the update 5.00 PS4 Pro will be able to broadcast to the Twitch at 1080p at 60 frames per second.

Message enhancements

Now you can already share your favorite music on Twitter and Facebook with Spotify and PlayStation Music. Update 5.00 will allow you to attach individual tracks to your messages on the PS4.

Your friends will be able to listen to the song sent by you in the message, and with your mobile device even go to the Spotify application from PS Messages to listen to it there.

Notifications update

In update 5.00 a new parameter was added, which allows you to turn off pop-up notifications while watching a movie or a TV show on PS4. This option will be disabled by default and if you want to enable it, you will need to go to Settings> Notifications.

In addition, you can now turn off the preview of messages in pop-up notifications. If you disable this option, the pop-up notification will not display the sender's network ID, and instead you will only see the user's avatar and message text.

Also, in update 5.00 you will be able to change the color of pop-up notifications to white (default) or black.

We have made sure that our PSN Code Generator is fully supportable by the lastest 5.00 update of the PlayStation Network.